vapor fm
Developer: Evan Hemsley
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Launched: February 5, 2016
Donate: Patreon
Description vapor fm began its existence as a simple auto-DJed internet radio station, which spun out of control until it became what it is now. Inspired by the aesthetics of interactive CD-ROMs and screensavers, vapor fm features interactive webGL visuals alongside a curated stream of vaporwave tunes, turning your browser into a CRT-television-radio playground.
Technologies vapor fm is powered by:
Acknowledgments Special thanks goes to these excellent people:
  • Felix Turner, whose wonderful three.js tutorials made this endeavor possible
  • Mitch Gerrard, who created the bumps system and helped me review hundreds of albums
  • Aerienne Russell, who gave me consistent design feedback and encouragement
Contact Inquiries: Twitter: Developer Twitter:
screenshot the first
screenshot the second
screenshot the third
screenshot the fourth